NRN-LCEE Theme 1 - Sustainable intensification

NRN-LCEE research will address the sustainable intensification of agriculture and aquaculture with a broad objective to improve food security within environmental and spatial constraints, and with maintenance of other ecosystem services. This theme includes:

  • Crop adaptation to changing environments; increased production with reduced inputs and waste; food safety and environmental impacts assessment and life-cycle assessment along the entire farm-supermarket chain. 
  • Mechanisms that balance food security with other ecosystem services such as maintaining biodiversity and soil functions, and the social and economic benefits related to these.
  • Synergies and trade-offs between sustainable intensification of agriculture, aquaculture, and environmental services at the land/ocean interface. 
  • Exploitation of new technologies, such as plant-animal-microbial 'omic' technologies to deliver new solutions for sustainable and productive land and coastal use.