Sensors and sensing technologies for effective land management: production agriculture and the environment

NRN-LCEE Research Development Fund funded workshop

29 June 2016, Bangor University

Copy of event report


Article on the workshop in LEAF's Integrated Farm Management bulletin (8/10/2016)

Workshop presentations

  1. Introduction
    Dave Chadwick, Bangor University
  2. What things dare we attempt to sense and how do we optimise sensor function?
    Toby Mottram, eCow
  3. How might we link sensors, systems and networks for best effect?
    Bruce Grieve, University of Manchester
  4. How much can we sense beneath our feet (Rhizosphere-plot scale)?
    Rory Shaw, Bangor Univerity
  5. What is the future of whole-farm – smart agriculture sensing (field-farm scale)?
    Saverio Romeo, Beecham Research
  6. How do we capitalise on real-time data (M2M, IoT approaches)?
    Gordon Blair, Lancaster University
  7. What can we tell from the air (farm-landscape scale)?
    Dan Morton, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology
  8. What sensors work for livestock now and where might we go?
    Mark Rutter, Harper Adams University
  9. Example of livestock-borne sensor use / virtual fences
    Tony Waterhouse, Scotland's Rural College
  10. How do we maximize tag capacity and deal with big data?
    Mark Holton, Swansea University
  11. How far can we push our understanding of animal behaviour, ‘opinion’ and ‘state’ with sensors?
    Rory Wilson, Swansea University