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NRN-LCEE Research Publications



  • Roche, R.C., Walker-Springett, K., Robins, P.E., Jones, J., Veneruso, G.,  Whitton, T.A., Piano, M., Ward, S.L., Duce, C.E., Waggitt, J.J., Walker-Springett, G.R., Neill, S.P., Lewis, M.J. and King, J.W. (2016). Research priorities for assessing potential impacts of emerging marine renewable energy technologies: Insights from developments in Wales (UK). Renewable Energy 99, 1327-1341.
  • Gunina, A., Smith, A.R., Godbold, D.L., Jones, D.L., and Kuzyakov, Y. (2016). Response of soil microbial community to afforestation with pure and mixed species. Plant and Soil.
  • Tripathy, S., Al-Khyat, S., Cleall, P.J., Baille, W., and Schanz, T. (2016). Soil Suction Measurements of Unsaturated Soils with a Sensor Using Fixed-Matrix Porous Ceramic Discs. Indian Geotechnical Journal.
  • Vick-Majors, T.J., Mitchell, A.C., Achberger, A.M., Christner, B.C., Dore, J.E., Michaud, A.B., Mikucki, J.A., Purcell, A.M., Skidmore, M.L., and Priscu, J.C. Physiological Ecology of Microorganisms in Subglacial Lake Whillans. (2016). Frontiers in Microbiology.  
  • Cable, J., Barber, I., Boag, B., Ellison, A.R., Morgan, E., Murray, K., Pascoe, E.L., Sait, S.M., Wilson, A.J., and Booth, M. Global change, parasite transmission and disease control: lessons from ecology. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B. In press.


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