RDF-funded Redesigning Resilience workshop in Myddfai

In early July, Dr Rowena Jenkins (Cardiff Metropolitan University) hosted a 2-day RDF-funded workshop in Myddfai, with the theme of the role of ancient knowledge in enhancing resilience for future generations. A range of topics were covered including the potential for using ancient texts to inform research into novel antimicrobial agents, the prediction of extreme weather events and improving population resilience against future hazards.

Prof Richard Marggraf Turley (Aberystwyth University) gave a keynote lecture on historical scholarship and public engagement.Prof Richard Marggraf Turley (Aberystwyth University) gave a keynote lecture on historical scholarship and public engagement.Day 1 included a series of presentations outlining research interests and expertise of attendees. Keynote lectures were given by: Kevin Stephens (Bioextractions Ltd), Prof Richard Marggraf Turley (Aberystwyth University) and Ruth Dawson (The Conversation). Short talks were presented by: Dr Rowena Jenkins (Cardiff Metropolitan Univeristy), Dr James Blaxland (Cardiff University), Dr Emma Hayhurst (University of South Wales, NRN-LCEE Returning Fellow), Dr Matt Lewis (Bangor University Quotient Fellow),  Dr Sofia Anthi Vougioukalou (Cardiff University), Dr Helen Brown (Cardiff University),  Dr Cerys Jones (Aberystwyth University), Heather Graz (NEEM Biotech Ltd), Dr Geertje van Keulen (Swansea University), Dr Tom Powell (The Bevan Commission), Dr Diana Luft (University of Wales and the National Library of Wales), Dr Matt Horritt (Horritt Consulting), Dr Martin Bevan (NHS), and Dr Cassandra Quave (Emory University).

On day 2 there was a tour of Myddfai outlining its significance in the medical history of Wales. This was followed by a round table discussion where crossover areas of interests were identified for the various research themes of attendees. The feedback highlighted that there is a real opportunity for new networks to form to bid for further funding in these areas.

Workshop attendees outside MyddfaiWorkshop attendees outside Myddfai

Publication date: 17 July 2017