Quotient Cluster hosts 2-day ocean modelling workshop at Bangor University

The Quotient Cluster hosted a 2-day ocean modelling workshop at Marine Centre Wales in April. The workshop was based around an NRN-LCEE funded visit to Bangor of Professors Malcolm Spaulding and Stephan Grilli from the University of Rhode Island, USA. The workshop was also attended by modelling scientistParticipants of the ocean modelling workshopParticipants of the ocean modelling workshops from the National Oceanography Centre, Imperial College London, the University of Manchester, Plymouth Marine Lab and Bangor University. Participants discussed biophysical modelling, adaptive mesh & mesh-free models, and models that couple physical processes, including the UK Environmental Prediction project. Dr Simon Neill, who organised the workshop, explained: “Coupled and mesh free modelling techniques are areas of model development that the Quotient Cluster is investigating to simulate ocean renewable energy. The workshop provided us with an opportunity to learn from model applications to different research areas, including tsunami propagation, coastal flooding and the dispersal of marine organisms.”

As part of the visit, Prof. Malcolm Spaulding of the University of Rhode Island delivered a public lecture on the topic of assessing flood risk to coastal structures, available on the NRN-LCEE website.

Publication date: 4 May 2018