Public engagement training for NRN-LCEE Fellows and students

All NRN-LCEE Fellows and PhD students visited Techniquest in Cardiff for 2 workshops focussed on engaging a wider audience for their research. The first visit involved all our scientists having a go at explaining various activities available in the Techniquest exhibition space and learning different ways of communicating science to non-specialists. Humour, enthusiasm and visual aids are certainly key.

4 weeks later, at the second workshop, they presented their own ideas to the other Clusters and a trainer from Techniquest. It was impressive to see what they all had come up with in such a short time: Displays included intricate root systems and salt marshes made out of lego, wave machines, ruminant gut fermentation systems in a jar and plans for entire aquaponics growth systems.

The NRN-LCEE attaches great value to creating opportunities for public interaction with its science and researchers. Over the coming months, we anticipate many of the activities developed during these workshops will be displayed at Science Festivals throughout Wales including the National Eisteddfod.

Public engagement requires creativity and new skills from our FellowsPublic engagement requires creativity and new skills from our Fellows


Publication date: 10 March 2017