New Research Clusters have started!

We are pleased to announce that the second round of NRN-LCEE Research Clusters has now officially taken off.

In our call for multifunctional landscapes, sustainable agriculture & resilience research, three new Clusters were awarded.

Cleaner Cows will apply Consequential Life Cycle Analysis, economic and environmental modelling to capture wider effects of milk and beef production and indirect land-use change. This will provide policy-relevant data on how to maximise the global sustainability of dairy production.

Climate-Smart Grass will address plant-soil interactions in grasslands and the effects of extreme weather events (flooding, drought and high ground-level ozone) on farm productivity and the delivery of ecosystem services. This research aims to provide the agricultural industry and policy makers with new management tools for future proofing Welsh agriculture against extremes and uncertainties in weather.

Multi-Land aims to identify positive interactions between trees, livestock and soil to improve our understanding of animal behaviour and metabolism (feeding, growth, defecation and use of shelter) to increase productivity and reduce GHG emissions. By exploiting these potential synergies the Cluster will inform on how sustainable intensification of farming practices can improve agricultural productivity and ecosystem service delivery.

Each of these Clusters will recruit 2 Ser Cymru Fellows and 1 PhD student over the coming months.

The first PhD studentship at Bangor University, part of the Climate-Smart Grass Cluster, is now open for applications. For further information click here.

Publication date: 29 June 2015