Cleaner Cows & AquaWales visit Brussels

Researchers from the NRN-LCEE AquaWales and Cleaner Cows Research Clusters visited Brussels on 25 January. They presented their research to representatives from a range organisations, and learnt about current and future European Union funding opportunities for improving science-based aquaculture and dairy & beef farming practices.

The Welsh Higher Education in Brussels Office (WHEB) had organised a series of meetings with representatives from the Directorate-Generals for Research & Innovation, Agriculture, and Aquaculture Mare; European Innovation Partnerships, Joint Programme Initiatives and European Technology Platforms; the Commissioner Hogan Cabinet for Agriculture & Rural Development; and Unions and regional organisations relevant to the Clusters’ research.

David Thomas reflects: “It was an engaging programme for our researchers, and provided opportunities to forge connections with a range of key organisations for research at a European level. I have no doubt that there will be some further collaborations developed as a result.”

This 5th visit was the final one in a series of visits organised by the NRN-LCEE. In total 45 researchers from Wales have had the opportunity to learn more about how and why research is funded by the EU. They have been exposed to a range of advice and insight that hopefully will achieve the ultimate goal of increasing funding streams to Wales.

Publication date: 1 February 2017