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1st GEO-CARB-CYMRU Sêr Cymru Fellowship at Aberystwyth University now open for applications

Publication date: 18 February 2015

1st NRN-LCEE Summer Conference held in Aberystwyth

Between the 25th and 27th August the 1st NRN-LCEE Summer Confernce was held at Aberystwyth University. For the first time, delegates from all 8 NRN-LCEE Research Clusters came together at our first Annual Summer Conference to present their work and progress to members of the NRN-LCEE Strategic Advisory Group (SAG).

Publication date: 1 September 2015

£7m research programme into water, food and energy provision

Publication date: 31 March 2015

AquaWALES: Public Outreach and Citizen Science contribute to research on Invasive Species

Publication date: 26 October 2016

Cleaner Cows & AquaWales visit Brussels

Publication date: 1 February 2017

Climate-Smart Grass at the 6th EUCARPIA Festulolium Working Group Workshop in the Czech Republic

Publication date: 13 June 2016

Come Dine with the Future

Publication date: 6 December 2016

Crowded NRN-LCEE stands during British Science Week

Publication date: 27 March 2017

First QUOTIENT Sêr Cymru Fellow post announced

Publication date: 22 December 2014

First Sêr Cymru NRN-LCEE Fellows and PhDs now open for applications

Publication date: 18 December 2014

Inaugural Sêr Cymru Postgraduate Conference - Post Event Summary

Publication date: 12 October 2016

International conference attendance for NRN-LCEE Fellows and students

Publication date: 24 February 2017

Latest NRN-LCEE newsletter available

Publication date: 8 November 2016

Launch of the Sêr Cymru National Research Networks at Bangor

Publication date: 14 March 2014

Low Carbon Cymru: Nature-based solutions for a low carbon Wales

Publication date: 7 July 2016

Low Carbon Energy: RDF event at Swansea University boosts expert collaboration

Publication date: 25 February 2016

National Reserach Network for Advanced Engineering & New Materials new call for proposals

Publication date: 14 November 2014

New format for the NRN-LCEE Research Development Fund

Publication date: 10 March 2016

New funding schemes available

Publication date: 22 June 2015

New member of staff for the NRN-LCEE

Publication date: 30 May 2014

New member of the NRN-LCEE office

Publication date: 13 January 2015

New Research Clusters have started!

Publication date: 29 June 2015

New Sêr Cymru Clusters advertise Fellow and PhD positions

Publication date: 29 July 2015

NRN-LCEE and Resilcoast interviewed for BBC Science cafe

Publication date: 11 March 2015

NRN-LCEE call for Proposal-Writing Fellowships is now open for applications

Publication date: 8 December 2016

NRN-LCEE Call for Research Clusters is out now

Publication date: 1 April 2014

NRN-LCEE call for Research Clusters update (14 April 2014)

Publication date: 14 April 2014

NRN-LCEE Exploring Resilience workshop with the Royal Society of Biology

Publication date: 27 May 2016

NRN-LCEE Fellows present at International Workshops

Publication date: 2 November 2016

NRN-LCEE Public Lecture by Caroline Drummond 25 Feb, Aberystwyth

Publication date: 27 January 2015

NRN-LCEE Researchers visit the European Commission in Brussels

Publication date: 5 November 2015

NRN-LCEE Returning Fellowships awarded

Publication date: 9 October 2015

Our latest newsletter is now available

Publication date: 16 September 2015

Our latest newsletter is now available

Publication date: 12 January 2016

Our latest newsletter is now available

Publication date: 15 April 2016

Our latest newsletter is now available

Publication date: 14 March 2017

PhD Student Diana Waldron attends Sustainable Cities Workshop in Manila

Publication date: 22 February 2016

Plants and Architecture Cluster Citizen Science Pilot Launched

Publication date: 3 June 2016

Plants & Architecture Sêr Cymru Fellowship announced

Publication date: 10 February 2015

‘Plants in Space’ at the National Botanic Garden of Wales

Publication date: 12 December 2016

Prof Jane Rickson delivers public lecture in Aberystwyth

Publication date: 16 November 2015

Public engagement training for NRN-LCEE Fellows and students

Publication date: 10 March 2017

Public lecture in Swansea by Dr Vicky Pope

On 2 December, Dr Vicky Pope, from the UK MetOffice, addressed a packed lecture theatre at Swansea University, showing the latest data and forecasts on the extent and impacts of climate change.

Publication date: 4 December 2015

QUOTIENT Ser Cymru Fellowship announced.

Publication date: 12 February 2015

RDF funded Tidal Lagoon workshop at Bangor University

Publication date: 25 May 2016

RDF-funded workshop on interactions between Glaciology, Oceanography and Sea- Ice

Publication date: 24 October 2016

RDF Workshop: Sensors and Sensing Technologies at Bangor University

Publication date: 13 July 2016

Registration open for Horizon 2020 International Energy Efficiency Event

Publication date: 4 February 2016

Resilcoast at the Urdd National Eisteddfod

Publication date: 3 June 2016

Resilcoast Fellowship advertised at Cardiff University

Publication date: 19 February 2015

RESILCOAST mini-symposium and field campaign with CBESS

A group of CBESS ( and RESILCOAST researchers are currently on a field trip to South Wallian saltmarshes.

Publication date: 27 July 2015

RESILCOAST Sêr Cymru Fellowship on Ecosystems Resilience and Bio-Physical Process

Publication date: 7 January 2015

Returning Fellowships eligibility criteria updated

Publication date: 19 November 2015

Second Call for Research Clusters Multifunctional Future Landscapes and Sustainable Agriculture & Resilience

Publication date: 13 October 2014

Sêr Cymru Crucible in North Wales for all NRN-LCEE Fellows and students

Publication date: 17 December 2015

Sêr Cymru Fellowship on Carbon Capture & Storage with BGS Wales

Publication date: 17 March 2015

Sêr Cymru Fellows visit Brussels

Publication date: 14 November 2016

Speakers for NRN-LCEE RSB Exploring Resilience Workshop announced

Publication date: 29 February 2016

Successful trip to Japan for NRN-LCEE Returning Fellow Jessica Adams

Publication date: 8 April 2016

Sustainable Agriculture Research & Innovation Club (SARIC) sandpit

Publication date: 18 January 2016

Taking nature's best ideas to solve human problems

Publication date: 8 April 2015

The first NRN-LCEE Research Clusters have started

Publication date: 27 November 2014

The NRN-LCEE has started!

Publication date: 3 March 2014

The NRN-LCEE Office has moved to Menai Bridge

Publication date: 11 December 2015

Third NRN-LCEE visit to Brussels

Publication date: 18 July 2016

Two more NRN-LCEE Clusters visit Brussels

Publication date: 8 April 2016

UKERC guest blog on the NRN-LCEE annual meeting

Publication date: 19 September 2016

Welsh Crucible 2015

Publication date: 27 January 2015

Welsh Government accepts all Talented Women for a Successful Wales report recommendations

Publication date: 20 February 2017

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