NRN-LCEE Theme 2 - Low carbon energy pathways

This theme will address the boundaries of viability, spatial-specificity, socio-economic and environmental impacts of low carbon energy pathways from biomass, waste streams, wind and marine technology in an interdisciplinary context. This theme includes:

  • Maximising energy output and minimising waste and adverse impacts of biorenewable and offshore renewable energy sources and biorefinery activities.
  • Environmental sustainability, and the socio-economic viability, of energy production pathways as well as topics such as carbon sequestration.  
  • Life cycle assessments incorporating aspects of transport, land-use and diversification and exploring alternative pathways, using exemplars from rural sites linked to urban case studies, in order to provide objective case studies for policy and industry.
  • The provision of opportunities for businesses and industries to access innovative and sustainable methodology and products developed under the NRN-LCEE.