NRN-LCEE Executive Board

The NRN-LCEE Executive Board is the senior governing body of the Network and provides strategic direction and oversight to the Sêr Cymru NRN-LCEE. The Executive Board oversees the strategic development of the Network and seeks to ensure that the Network delivers against its strategic objectives of supporting, promoting and propagating excellent science. Specifically the Executive Board is tasked with:

  • Ensuring that the NRN-LCEE is responsive to the aspirations of the Welsh Government and the partner institutions.

  • Overseeing the management of the NRN-LCEE by the Director.

  • Making strategic recommendations to ensure that the NRN-LCEE activities are responsive to external developments in research policy.
  • Ensuring the NRN-LCEE delivers the project plans and targets as agreed with the Sêr Cymru Office.

  • Reviewing the activities and distribution of funding allocated by the NRN-LCEE.

  • Ensuring the appropriate institutional commitment and support to the NRN-LCEE from the partner institutions.

The Executive Board meets at least once every year, oversees the strategic development of the NRN-LCEE, and ensures that the Network complements the research strategies of each of the NRN-LCEE Partner organisations and is responsive to external developments in research policies.