Event facts

January 2018


Enhancing the resilience of businesses in Wales: water-energy savings, offsets and recovery

RDF-funded workshop

This workshop aims to deliver a focused programme that highlights energy-saving and energy-generating opportunities associated with water use in key water-using sectors. The event welcomes applicants representing all business backgrounds across Wales, from agriculture to hospitality, manufacturing to retail. The event will include a showcase of technologies and service providers who can help your business identify opportunities to save, offset and recover water and energy to ensure the future sustainability of your business in Wales.

We are expecting 100 businesses from across Wales to attend on the day, and the technology and service providers in attendance to support water and energy savings in your business will reflect this multi-sectoral event.

Attending participants will (i) develop a business canvas identifying opportunities for saving, offsetting and recovering water and energy in their business, and (ii) provide information on current awareness and achievements in water and energy management across a range of key sectors in Wales.

If you wish to register for and get further details about the event, to take part as a participant, or you wish to showcase your technology as a service provider, email John Gallagher at j.gallagher@bangor.ac.uk.