Cleaner Cows: People

Bangor University

Dr James Gibbons

Dr James Gibbons (PI) is a statistician and modeller in the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography (SENRGy) at Bangor University with a particular focus on modelling farm management, the analysis of environmental data and modelling the interaction between policy, land use and the environment. He has developed innovative statistical methods to data and problems in temperate and tropical systems covering the terrestrial and marine environment. The output has been widely published and he has wide experience of contributing modelling and analysis for funded research.

Tel: 01248 382461

Andreas Soteriades is an applied mathematician and Research Officer in the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography (SENRGy) at Bangor University. He is interested in mathematical and statistical modelling for sustainable agriculture as a means of finding practical solutions to farm management problems. He is experienced in the modelling of dairy farm efficiency and sustainability with the benchmarking method Data Envelopment Analysis. Previous research experience includes his PhD project in trade-offs in sustainable dairy farming systems (The University of Edinburgh, Scotland's Rural College, and the French Institute for Agricultural Research) and a global climate change scenario modelling exercise (Centre for the study of  Environmental Change and Sustainability at The University of Edinburgh). He is currently studying sustainable intensification of dairy production at the UK level taking into account possible indirect land use change in other countries associated with feed imports, to create high-impact results relating to agricultural policy and farm management.

Dr David Styles (Co-I) is an environmental scientist in SENRGy, Bangor University, active in LCA and techno-economic assessment. He has detailed knowledge of the agricultural sector from recent PI experience on an EC project on best environmental management practices in agriculture and a Defra project on LCA of on-farm anaerobic digestion. Experience working at and for the European Joint Research Centre involved extensive consultation with European agricultural experts, and the application of life cycle thinking to target practical mitigation options across food supply chains.

Aberystwyth University

Dr Jon Moorby (Co-I) is a ruminant nutritionist in IBERSD, Aberystwyth University, specialising in productive and polluting outputs of ruminant animals since 1990.  He originally worked to improve the efficiency of transfer of dietary protein into milk, and more recently to reduce the pollutant emissions of nitrogen in excreta and methane from the gut of cattle and sheep. His links with the grassland farming industry benefit from external activities with the British Grassland Society, of which he is currently President-Elect.

Dr. Andreas Foskolos is a Sêr Cymru Research Fellow in IBERS (Aberystwyth University). His scientific background is focused on ruminants with emphasis in digestive physiology, nutrient metabolism and nutritional modelling. He was awarded his PhD in Animal Nutrition from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), working on strategies, targeting the rumen, to reduce nitrogen excretion from ruminants. He worked as postdoctoral associate at Cornell University (USA) mainly involved in the update of the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System (CNCPS), resulting into version 6.5.

Cardiff University

Prof. Max Munday (Co-I) is Director of the Welsh Economy Research Unit at Cardiff University Business School. He has a strong record of completing economic analysis projects within the Welsh economy, and of working with Welsh Government and its stakeholder organisations. He regularly undertakes economic evaluations for Welsh Government and its stakeholder organisations. He has advised Environment Agency Wales (now National Resources Wales) on issues surrounding the economic evaluation of environmental interventions since 2007-08. He has published extensively on issues surrounding Welsh economic analysis, and regional economic modelling.

Annum Rafique is an NRN-LCEE PhD student enrolled at the Cardiff Business School. She is undertaking research examining the economic implications of sustainable intensification in the UK dairy industry. In particular she is exploring how far economic models can shed light on the effects of changes in the dairy sector brought about by demands to intensify production.

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