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Consequential Life Cycle Assessment of Environmental and Economic Effects of Dairy and Beef Consolidation and Intensification Pathways

Cluster Leader: Dr. James Gibbons, Bangor University.

  • A truly interdisciplinary and scientifically excellent framework drawing on life cycle assessment (LCA) and farm management modelling expertise, animal husbandry expertise, economic modelling expertise, and detailed data on existing farm structure and trends.

  • Will apply consequential LCA (CLCA), economic and environmental modelling to capture wider effects of beef production and indirect landuse change at multiple scales.

  • Methodically innovative framework allowing feedback between the LCA, farm management and economic components.

  • Direct relevance to farm management and UK dairy policy makers.


CLEANER COWS is a partnership between:

Bangor University

Dr. James Gibbons

Dr. David Styles

Andreas Soteriades


Aberystwyth University

Dr. Jon Moorby

Dr. Andreas Foskolos


Cardiff University

Prof. Max Munday


Farm Business Survey, University of Nottingham

Dr. Paul Wilson



Mr. Ray Keatinge


HPC Wales